" Si courir ou marcher était notre seul but, nous passerions à côté de moments inoubliables "

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On the Ultra-Trail® of Angkor, you have six options: from running 8 km to a maximum length of 100 km. Be aware that it is not the length of a stage that makes the beauty of a race, but from what surrounds the race.

Expect to run in climatic conditions that you may not have experienced in Europe at this time of year. Although it will be hot in February, it won’t necessarily be as excessive. And thus, the humidity wouldn’t be as bothersome.

“Running and discovering the world” in beautiful locations is the only goal of SDPO. However, in order to take full advantage of the selected country, you must be in shape if you took the option of “sightseeing”, in which we run, we visit and we relax.


Why SDPO ?
“A race organized for runners by runners around the world”, was the ambition of Jean Claude Le Cornec, founder of the Foulées de la soie in 1996 (a first raid organized in China by SDPO). Since then, our organization has offered participants to run and travel around the world in countries or regions with rich history. You will get to explore the most diverse landscapes and travel through unique off the beaten tracks.

What is the required level ?
Our sports trips are open to everyone – from top athletes, experienced in local/national/international competitions, to Sunday morning joggers. Combined with the pleasure of physical efforts and cultural curiosities, everyone will be given the chance to immerse themselves in remarkable discoveries.

No age, condition or performance are required to share this exciting experience – since 40% of our registrants each year are women, and the ages of our junior and veteran participants range from 17 to 84 years old. Confirmed runner or not, everybody will leave this journey with inundated ambitions and high spirits.

Is there a marked physical preparation or special training?

Competitors will run according to the option chosen: 8km, 18 km, 32 km, 42 km, 64 km or 100 km, which requires endurance and superior recovery qualities. They must assume the requirement of intensive training for over several months, and to not omit various dietary rules. To support their preparation, a combination of: effort, a fighting spirit, endurance, and groundwork is necessary.

Training primarily focuses on the amount of work (total kilometers). However, the quality of work should not be overlooked either.

For others, take pleasure in a sports trip from the most unique countries. Avoid the rigidity of traditional tours and the discomfort of a solo trip in an unknown land.

Is there any special equipment?
A month before the event, SDPO will address you a very comprehensive document – showing both your cultural and sporting routes. You will also see an attached detailed list of obligatory content material and a camelback. We would also like to remind you that you must wear a cap during the race.

Information at: http://www.ultratrail-angkor.com

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