" Si courir ou marcher était notre seul but, nous passerions à côté de moments inoubliables "

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A very original concept: a 100% sport cultural travel

This unique raid-adventure will take place in China and will give each competitor the chance to discover a country which has only recently started opening up to the west, a mosaic of civilizations, of cultures, of superbly stunning countryside, a multitude of historical sites and a country rich with over 6000 years of history.

A French concept in the homeland of Mao

fds10 j2 (125)Seven centuries after Marco Polo, the competitors will discover this mythical Silk Road with each and every footstep. All in all, 110 km by foot through astonishing countryside. A unique and original occasion to live your dreams of voyage, wide-open spaces and physical efforts.

« If running and walking  was our only goal, we would pass by some unforgettable moments.» 

The most cherished wish of Jean Claude Le Cornec, founder of this race, is to valorise the contacts and exchanges. Visits to the historical sites, encounters with the local personalities, sharing unforgettable moments with the Chinese minorities who join in, for a few kilometres, on each of the stages.

Why China?

fds10 j6 (21)Because China remains a magical place for all westerners, as big as the whole of Europe (9560000 kmÂČ or 17.5 times France), a country, which has always fascinated adventurers and explorers and which fascinates still.

China is a country of contrasts: The highest mountains and the deepest valleys in the world, arid deserts of the west and the fertile plains of the east, tropical forests of the south and the tundra of the north as well as some of the longest rivers in the world.

Because China is the most inhabited country in the world (1.4 billion inhabitants), and is also one of the world’s most ancient civilizations which is still alive today.

It is also an exceptionally hospitable country where everyone is willing to help you share the best of China!

In the footsteps of Marco Polo

Shi Jia (68)The SILK ROAD is the name given by the German geographers Ferdinand von Richthofen to the this commercial « highway » running from east to west, winding through the mountains and deserts, forming a link between the 2 great empires : Roman and Chinese.

This route allowed exchanges of not only goods but also of philosophies, both technical and religious, which were to change the civilizations from the Orient to the West.

This simple route winding through chaotic scenery has become a vital artery of a Chinese Far West and a site of pilgrimage for those avid for adventure.

The Concept: Sport and Culture, everyday themes throughout the 12 days of the “FoulĂ©es de la Soie”

Two disciplines to be combined: running and culture

This course, unique in it’s style, allows the competitors to test the limits of their physical capacities whilst keeping an eye on the historical, cultural and human aspect of the regions through which they pass and to visit some of the most prestigious tourist attractions on the planet.

A sporting voyage

IMG_3387A daily test of physical endurance is the main course on the menu, before the sweet relaxing dessert of the visits to the sites of each region.

Every morning, for the competitors, the moment is for physical effort and for endurance, with stages that can sometimes be very physically demanding!

However, the afternoons rhyme with rest, of calm and of wandering around the historical sites, of discovering the ancestral Chinese civilizations, guided by the inhabitants of each region. A concept approved by all participants. A voyage that combines a complete change to your day-to-day routines among with hard physical efforts!

open to everyone
“ Get away , walking, running and learning”, this is the sdpo’s difference : in addition to the sporting challenges , we offer an intelligent tourism based on discovery and  on relationships.

018An experience for all nationalities to meet, to compete sportingly, just to discover and experience the lives of local people.
Germans, English, Americans, Belgians, Canadians, Colombians, Spaniards, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Luxembourg, Portuguese, Swiss, Moroccan, Chinese, Indians, Vietnamese has already participated in our events.
‱    Faithful to our concept, our courses will also travel trough traditional countryside and villages.
All races will take place away from the main roads. The change of scenery is guaranteed. You will discover, approach locals and be moved by the warmth by the richness of the Exchange. They will encourage you along the roads of villages and the most isolated areas.